CycleData Software & Hybrid Cycle Data Radar

The Hybrid Cycle Data Radar is an innovation in bicycle measuring tools that enables end users to collect data on bicycle behavior at relatively low cost. The Hybrid Cycle Data Radar is extremely accurate even during peak traffic volume periods. Data collected by the Cycle Radar system provides insight for traffic flow planning, lane usage and bicycle traffic volume counting to aid in making informed decisions about mobility policy and alternative transportation plans.

Encouraging bicycle usage and getting more bicycles on the road is quickly becoming a way for cities to meet shared road usage, climate change, and energy targets. By providing alternative modes of transportation to vehicles, positive effects such as better air quality through reduced emissions can help make a city greener, calmer, healthier and safer. In addition, bicycles take up less space and help mitigate traffic congestion and can be used as a possible solution to growing environmental, climate change and livability challenges associated with urban population density.

Data as a Service

Cycle Data allows for you to manage and monitor your bicycle count data and radar sites 24/7 on demand at any time through the online portal on a desktop or tablet.? Cycle Data ensures the radars are active, maintained, performing optimally, and offered in a complete package for maximum flexibility to access your data on a monthly basis, without a long-term access commitment.

Safety comes first!

The Hybrid Cycle Data Radar is a non-contact and non-intrusive bicycle traffic measurement system with an accuracy of no less than 98-99%, even during periods of peak traffic volumes.

With the Hybrid Cycle Data Radar, you can collect and report on bicycle traffic volume, direction of travel, and bicycle speeds that either per day, partial day, per week, and per month.

The Hybrid Cycle Data Radar can be easily adjusted to ensure precise measurement and assist with preventing the collection of unwanted data from other vehicle traffic in the vicinity of the measurement location. Thanks to the built-in GPRS communication, it is possible to receive and analyze data online via “My Cycle Traffic”, and the system uses solar power as an energy source for all Hybrid Cycle Data Radars.

Cycle Data in Action!

Check out this video about the fantastic results the City of Rotterdam has achieved and how they use their cycle data to improve safety and mobility!


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