iCOMS IcomSpeed Range - Counting & Distance

The IcomSpeed range includes three OEM radars designed to meet all different applications requested by the VMS market. Due to its flatness the unit can easily be integrated into your product, such as a speed display panel or a VMS (Variable Message Sign). It can also be used to trigger more complex systems, such as a camera.


  • No maintenance
  • 3 outputs: 2 contacts (open drains) and 1 RS232 interface
  • Multiple settings available


  • Speed
  • Vehicles direction
  • Counting*
  • Detection distance information (according to the model selected)

Counting Accuracy

  • 2 lanes approaching road
  • Reality (video): 771 vehicles
  • IcomSpeed counting: 740 vehicles
  • Accuracy: 96%


  • Measurement unit: km/h or mph
  • For each contact: speed range, direction (approaching, receding or bidirectional) and flashing option (pulse, duration, repetition)?
  • Speed of communication with serial port (9600 to 57600 bps)?
  • Time gap between two measures


  • Very low power consumption for solar powered VMS
  • Excellent reliability: hundreds of units overview spread worldwide
  • Same protocol basis for the 3 models: easy integration
  • One hardware size for all three products


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