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About IRD

  • Corporate Profile(2150.85 KB)

Intersection Detection

  • ICOMS? Non-intrusive Detection Technologies(2350.41 KB)

Traffic Monitoring/Data Collection

  • VI2M? Cloud-based Data Collection, Reporting and Analytics(2670.38 KB)
  • VI2M? – Central Data Reporting(335.27 KB)

Weight Enforcement

  • Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Brochure(1994.76 KB)
  • Virtual Weigh Station Brochure(1865.97 KB)
  • Virtual Weigh Stations with Image-capture Systems(463.97 KB)
  • Remotely Controlled Weigh Station Brochure(494.19 KB)
  • Benefits of Remotely Controlled Weigh Stations(234.56 KB)
  • Technology for Modern Enforcement(1581.84 KB)

Toll Collection

  • Advanced Axle Classification for Toll (AACT)(716.74 KB)
  • iToll? Brochure(924.77 KB)
  • WIM@Toll? Brochure(2052.43 KB)
  • RFID(1539.96 KB)
  • Sink or SSWIM: Why is weigh-in-motion used at toll stations(220.38 KB)

Bridge Monitoring & Safety

  • Bridge Protection & Monitoring(3551.19 KB)

Access Control & Security

  • Intelligent Physical Access Control and Security (iPACS) Brochure(4386.95 KB)
  • iPACS Contr?le intelligent d’accès physique et de sécurité(6081.41 KB)
  • iPACS Brochure (Arabic)(4482.43 KB)
  • Border Crossings Brochure(2432.24 KB)
  • ITS in control on the border(306.14 KB)
  • Gateweigh? Automatic Size & Weight Compliance(2964.38 KB)
  • Mine Access and Control Solutions(2813.45 KB)
  • Port Security Brochure(2442.39 KB)
  • Security Screening Brochure(1806.52 KB)

Highway Traffic Management Systems (HTMS)

  • HTMS Brochure(2726.32 KB)
  • Emergency Call Box Brochure(1435.28 KB)

Traffic Safety

  • TACS? Tire Anomaly and Classification System(273.27 KB)
  • microFAST Anti-Icing Kit Brochure(1569.84 KB)
  • Road Weather Information System Brochure(4979.49 KB)
  • RA-10 In-Road Sensor Brochure(350.93 KB)
  • Overheight Detection Brochure(1146.79 KB)
  • Intelligent Truck Rollover Advisory Systems Paper(251.8 KB)

Counters & Classifiers

  • TRS Plus Classifier Brochure(250.79 KB)
  • TRS Plus Manual(1832.28 KB)
  • TRS WIM Brochure(211.46 KB)
  • Mini TRS Plus Brochure(280.87 KB)
  • Mini TRS Plus Manual(1394.01 KB)
  • iTAPCA Digital Traffic Counting App(284.62 KB)
  • Traffic Ace Accumulator Brochure(242.66 KB)
  • TMS-SA Brochure(2128.53 KB)
  • RTMS G4 Microwave Brochure(397.21 KB)
  • RTMS Sx-300 Microwave Sensor(310.16 KB)
  • RTMS Sx-300 HD Camera Brochure(387.55 KB)
  • SAS-1 Acoustic Sensor Brochure(1716.8 KB)

People Counters

  • Unidirectional People Counter Brochure(236.74 KB)
  • Bidirectional People Counter Brochure(629.65 KB)
  • micro People Counter Brochure(225.31 KB)
  • People Counter Sensor Gateway & Software Brochure(231.12 KB)
  • Millennium Trail Counter Brochure(197.87 KB)

Axle Sensors & Grout

  • Piezoelectric RoadTrax Sensor Brochure(846.45 KB)
  • IRD Sensors Brochure(2095.96 KB)
  • Road Tube Accessories (Canada)(345.88 KB)
  • Road Tube Accessories (U.S.)(92.04 KB)
  • Inductive Loops Brochure(355.79 KB)
  • AS475 Grout(1002.41 KB)
  • PU200 Piezo Resin Brochure(295.9 KB)

Toll Treadles

  • DYNAX? Advantage Treadles for Toll Roads(1047.12 KB)
  • DYNAX? Treadle Interface Brochure(323.78 KB)
  • DYNAX? Treadle Interface Manual(343.41 KB)

Portable Axle Weighers

  • DAW 300 Dynamic Axle Weigher Brochure(1321.09 KB)
  • SAW Series III Brochure (U.S. Customary)(1214.91 KB)
  • SAW Series III Brochure (Metric)(1214.94 KB)
  • SAW III - Portable Dynamic Scale System(449.68 KB)

Access Control & Security Products

  • Hand-held Under Vehicle Inspection Camera(1036.25 KB)
  • iPACS Intelligent Physical Access Control & Security(4386.95 KB)
  • Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS)(4308.74 KB)
  • Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) Brochure(1508.74 KB)
  • Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) Brochure - French(1825.11 KB)
  • Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) Brochure - Arabic(4410.07 KB)
  • Secure 1250 Tire Deflator Brochure(4236.26 KB)


  • iAnalyze? Update v7.9 - Windows(27876.34 KB)
  • iAnalyze? v7.9 Manual(19382.44 KB)
  • iAnalyze? Brochure(1126.57 KB)
  • iAnalyze? Update 5.12 - 32-bit Windows (XP Compatible)(29793 KB)
  • iAnalyze? Update 5.12 - 64-bit Windows (XP Compatible)(29825.9 KB)
  • iAnalyze? v5.12 Manual(9877.59 KB)
  • Autopoll v4.3.0 Update(4821.81 KB)
  • Autopoll v4.3.0 Manual(3421.2 KB)
  • CycleData Brochure(362.85 KB)
  • Road Reporter? II Brochure(319.32 KB)
  • Road Reporter? v3.6.5 Update(1280.18 KB)
  • Road Reporter? v3.6.5 Manual(3249.89 KB)
  • Road Reporter? II v4.3.0 - 32 Bit Update(12034.95 KB)
  • Road Reporter? II v4.3.0 - 64 Bit Update(12036.73 KB)
  • Road Reporter? II v4.3.0 - Manual(10674.42 KB)
  • SAW III Demo Software(7028 KB)

Traffic Products

  • SOS Emergency Call Box Brochure(1435.28 KB)

WIM Controllers

  • iSINC? Brochure(3123.04 KB)
  • iSINC? Lite Brochure(2978.58 KB)

WIM Systems

  • Single Load Cell WIM Scale System Brochure(1723.91 KB)
  • IRD-PAT Bending Plate System? Brochure(1983.83 KB)
  • Slow Speed WIM (SSWIM) Scale Brochure(427.49 KB)
  • DAW 50 Static and Dynamic Weighing System(252.12 KB)
  • Intercomp WIM Strip Scales(698.73 KB)

Transponder Services

  • Weigh2GoBC Project Brochure(853.39 KB)


  • iMMS? - Intelligent Maintenance Management Service(469.69 KB)

Technical Papers

  • Innovations in Central Data Management for Truck Compliance and Mobility - Vehicle Information in Motion(484.84 KB)
  • Automation Technologies for Commercial Vehicle Safety Screening(891.21 KB)
  • Evaluating Automated Anti-Icing Technology to Reduce Traffic Collisions.(1056.1 KB)
  • WIM System for the Reduction of Commercial Vehicle Traffic Delays at the Borden-Carleton, PEI Weight Inspection Station.(1641.21 KB)
  • Remote Control Weigh Station Implementation.(979.05 KB)
  • Implementing Weigh-In-Motion for Generation of Carbon Offset Credits in Canada.(188.4 KB)
  • Deployment of ITS at Automated Truck Inspection and Weighing Stations in the Maritimes(893.01 KB)

Case Studies

  • Case Study: Illinois Tire Safety Screening(854.27 KB)
  • Case Study: Hawaii DOT Statewide Traffic Monitoring(1082.59 KB)
  • Case Study: Georgia DOT Traffic During 2017 Hurricane Evacuation(3184.73 KB)
  • Case Study: LTPP (Long-Term Pavement Performance)(322.58 KB)
  • Case Study: LTBP (Long-Term Bridge Performance)(316.43 KB)
  • Case Study: Oklahoma DOT Commercial Vehicle Screening for Anomalous Tires(1623.75 KB)

White Papers

  • Advances in Global Aviation Security(506.21 KB)


  • WIM Accuracy Improvements for Direct Weight Enforcement(982.81 KB)